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Inequalities: To detect inequalities, one needs to identify the relevant factors, collect data, analyze the data, and interpret the results. See also Indistinguishability, Differences, Equality, Similarity, Identity, Interpretation, Description dependence, Comparisons, Comparability.
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Daron Acemoglu on Inequalities - Dictionary of Arguments

Acemoglu I 51
Inequalities/Acemoglu/Robinson: The great inequality of the modern world that emerged in the nineteenth century was caused by the uneven dissemination of industrial technologies and manufacturing production. It was not caused by divergence in agricultural performance. Cf. >Geographical factors/Montesquieu
, Geographical factors/Sachs, >Geographical factors/Acemoglu, >Cultural differences/Acemoglu.
Acemoglu I 63
Ignorance hypothesis: [one] popular theory for why some nations are poor and some are rich is the ignorance hypothesis, which asserts that world inequality exists because we or our rulers do not know how to make poor countries rich.
Acemoglu I 64
Markets: the so-called First Welfare Theorem, identifies the circumstances under which the allocation of resources in a “market economy” is socially desirable from an economic point of view. A market economy is an abstraction that is meant to capture a situation in which all individuals and firms can freely produce, buy, and sell any products or services that they wish. When these circumstances are not present there is a “market failure.” Such failures provide the basis for a theory of world inequality, since the more that market failures go unaddressed, the poorer a country is likely to be.
Ignorance: The ignorance hypothesis maintains that poor countries are poor because they have a lot of market failures and because economists and policymakers do not know how to get rid of them and have heeded the wrong advice in the past.
Acemoglu I 64
AcemogluVsIgorance hypothesis: neither Ghana’s disappointing performance after independence nor the countless other cases of apparent economic mismanagement can simply be blamed on ignorance. After all, if ignorance were the problem, well-meaning leaders would quickly learn what types of policies increased their citizens’ incomes and welfare, and would gravitate toward those policies. >Institutions/Acemoglu.
Acemoglu I 104
World inequality dramatically increased with the British, or English, Industrial Revolution because only some parts of the world adopted the innovations and new technologies (...).The response of different nations to this wave of technologies, which determined whether they would languish in poverty or achieve sustained economic growth, was largely shaped by the different historical paths of their institutions.

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Acemoglu II
James A. Acemoglu
James A. Robinson
Economic origins of dictatorship and democracy Cambridge 2006

Acemoglu I
James A. Acemoglu
James A. Robinson
Why nations fail. The origins of power, prosperity, and poverty New York 2012

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