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Protestant ethics: The Protestant ethic, in Max Weber's view, is a set of values and beliefs that emphasize hard work, frugality, and self-discipline. Weber argued that these values were conducive to the rise of capitalism, as they encouraged people to accumulate wealth and invest it in businesses. See also Ethics, Ethics of conviction, Capitalism, Labour.
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Daron Acemoglu on Protestant Ethics - Dictionary of Arguments

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Protestant ethics/AcemogluVsWeber/Acemoglu/Robinson: Though it may be true that predominantly Protestant countries, such as the Netherlands and England, were the first economic successes of the modern era, there is little relationship between religion and economic success. France, a predominantly Catholic country, quickly mimicked the economic performance of the Dutch and English in the nineteenth century, and Italy is as prosperous as any of these nations today. Looking farther east, you’ll see that none of the economic successes of East Asia have anything to do with any form of Christian religion, so there is not much support for a special relationship between Protestantism and economic success there, either.
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Acemoglu II
James A. Acemoglu
James A. Robinson
Economic origins of dictatorship and democracy Cambridge 2006

Acemoglu I
James A. Acemoglu
James A. Robinson
Why nations fail. The origins of power, prosperity, and poverty New York 2012

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