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Path dependence: Path dependence refers to a phenomenon where the current state or outcome of a system is influenced by its historical trajectory, wherein earlier decisions or events shape and limit future possibilities. It implies that choices made in the past constrain or influence present and future developments within a system or process. See also History, Decisions, Decision-making processes, Decision theory, Events, Systems.
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Daron Acemoglu on Path Dependence - Dictionary of Arguments

Acemoglu I 114
Path dependence/colonies/Acemoglu/Robinson: Western Europe, experiencing many of the same historical processes, had institutions similar to England at the time of the Industrial Revolution. There were small but consequential differences between England and the rest, which is why the Industrial Revolution happened in England and not France. >Critical junctures/Acemoglu
, >Institutional drift/Acemoglu.
E.g., The French Revolution was another critical juncture that led the institutions of Western Europe to converge with those of England, while Eastern Europe diverged further. The rest of the world followed different institutional trajectories.
Colonies/poverty/prosperity: European colonization set the stage for institutional divergence in the Americas, where in contrast to the inclusive institutions developed in the United States and Canada extractive ones emerged in Latin America, which explains the patterns of inequality we see in the Americas. The extractive political and economic institutions of the Spanish conquistadors in Latin America have endured, condemning much of the region to poverty.

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Acemoglu II
James A. Acemoglu
James A. Robinson
Economic origins of dictatorship and democracy Cambridge 2006

Acemoglu I
James A. Acemoglu
James A. Robinson
Why nations fail. The origins of power, prosperity, and poverty New York 2012

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