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French Revolution: The French Revolution was a period of radical social and political change in France that began in 1789 and ended in 1799. It was an event in world history that overthrew the French monarchy and established the First French Republic.
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Immanuel Kant on French Revolution - Dictionary of Arguments

Höffe I 311
French Revolution/Kant/Höffe: Kant enthusiastically welcomed the principles of the French Revolution, but strongly condemned terror: The united will of the people is nothing other than the "eternal norm," that is, the "rational principle of the evaluation of all public legal constitution in general"(1). According to this the state is called upon to form its basic order in such a way "as a people with mature reason would prescribe it to itself"(2).
In modern terms, the principles of the legal system are committed to a principle of universal consensus, which of course cannot be guaranteed by any empirical-factual discourse.
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2. Kant, About the common saying: This may be correct in theory but is not suitable for practice. 1793, Section 2
3. Kant, Der Streit der Fakultäten, 1798, Section 2.

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I. Kant
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Höffe I
Otfried Höffe
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