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Information, information theory: A character or a character combination contains information when it is clear to the recipient that this character or the character combination appears instead of another possible character or a possible character combination. The supply of possible characters determines to a part the probability of the occurrence of a character from this supply. In addition, the expected probability of the appearance of a character can be increased by already experienced experiences of regularities. The amount of information transmitted by a character depends on the improbability of the occurrence of the character.

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Niklas Luhmann on Information - Dictionary of Arguments

Reese-Schäfer II 31
Definition information/Luhmann/Reese-Schäfer: nothing but an event that causes a combination of differences.
Reese-Schäfer II 38
Def Information/Luhmann/Reese-Schäfer: event, that selects system states. Information reserves its meaning in the repetition , but loses the information value - the event disappears.
AU Cass 6
Information/Luhmann: there is no "genetical" information, because the genes only contain structures, not events.
Information/Luhmann: is selection of alternatives. - Presupposes that one defines a possibility range against others. - Information is only within systems - also the possibilities only exist in the system. - Not in the environment.
Time/information: time plays a role because the information disappears whith acquaintance. - Information is not transmitted. - ((s) because it is an event.)
AU Cass 13
Definition information/Maturana/Luhmann: Vs genetic information: Information is always a moment of communication, only within a system. - It works as an information when it comes to finding the next operation - ((s) not circular: - "A works as A, when ...". - Information: is not "data" that would be "transmission theory".
Two aspects: 1st from which is selected - 2nd this and nothing else is selected.
Only within a system possible - the system determines what information is - E.g. socialist planned economy: only performance - capitalist: unemployment numbers no information - no information without communication - but communication may repeat itself, information does not - understanding: does not exist outside communication.

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German Edition:
Einführung in die Systemtheorie Heidelberg 1992

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Walter Reese-Schäfer
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