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Globalization: Globalization is the process of increasing interconnectedness and interdependence between different countries and economies. It is driven by advances in transportation and communication technology, trade liberalization, and the increasing movement of people, goods, and capital across borders. See also Markets, Trade, Exchange, International relations.
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Gabriel Zucman on Globalization - Dictionary of Arguments

Saez I 126
Globalization/Saez/Zucman: Contrary to what the experts polled by the IMF may believe, globalization does not prevent countries from taxing corporations at high rates. Those who profess that the race to the bottom in corporate income tax rates is natural, that imposing sanctions against tax havens is a crime against free-trade—they are not the defenders of globalization. What will make globalization sustainable is not the disappearance of capital taxation, but its reinvention. It is not competition; it is coordination. It is not free-trade agreements that ignore fiscal issues, but international deals that advance tax harmonization.
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Zucman, Gabriel

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