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Carbon taxation: A carbon tax is a fee imposed on the burning of fossil fuels based on the amount of carbon dioxide they emit. It aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by making polluters pay for the environmental cost, encouraging businesses and individuals to shift toward cleaner energy sources. See also Taxation, Corbon pricing, Emission permits, Emissions trading, Emissions.
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Gabriel Zucman on Carbon Taxation - Dictionary of Arguments

Saez I 189
Carbon tax/Saez/Zucman: Occasionally it’s argued that a carbon tax could provide some of the funding for health or childcare, but that’s a mistake. Carbon taxation is, of course, necessary to fight climate change. But its goal should be only this: fight climate change. It should not aim at collecting revenue in the medium run, but instead aim at eradicating future carbon emissions. A successful carbon tax should eventually yield zero revenue.
Cf. >Pigovian Tax

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Zucman, Gabriel

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