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Tax compliance: Tax compliance refers to individuals or entities adhering to tax laws, regulations, and reporting requirements set by the government. It involves accurately and timely filing tax returns, paying owed taxes, and maintaining records according to legal standards. See also Taxation, Tax evasion, Tax avoidance, Tax havens, Tax competition, Tax incidence, Tax loopholes, Tax system.
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Gabriel Zucman on Tax Compliance - Dictionary of Arguments

Saez I 47
Tax Compliance/Saez/Zucman: what makes taxation work is more than a simple tax code and diligent auditors. It’s a belief system: shared convictions in the benefits of collective action (the notion that we are more prosperous when we pool resources together instead of acting in isolation), in government’s central role in organizing this collective action, and in the merits of democracy. When this belief system prevails, even the most progressive tax system can work.
>Tax Avoidance
, >Tax Competition, >Tax Evasion, >Tax Havens, >Tax Incidence, >Tax Loopholes, >Tax System, >Taxation.

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Zucman, Gabriel

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