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Tax system: The tax system comprises laws, regulations, and procedures established by governments to impose and collect taxes from individuals and entities. It delineates various tax types (income, sales, property), rates, exemptions, and filing requirements. This system facilitates revenue generation for public services, social programs, and infrastructure while defining how taxes are assessed, collected, and managed. See also Taxation, Tax evasion, Tax avoidance, Tax havens, Tax competition, Tax incidence, Tax loopholes.
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Gabriel Zucman on Tax System - Dictionary of Arguments

Tax Systems/Saez/Zucman: Taxjusticenow(1) is a simulation website that allows policymakers, activists, and all people—whatever their political stripe, school of thought, or knowledge about economics—to estimate the effect of tax policy changes on the distribution of taxes, the income and wealth of each social group, and the dynamics of inequality. The website allows anyone to assess how modifications of the parameters of the current tax system - as well as bolder reforms - would affect society.
Saez I 195
Where economists can be helpful is not in elevating some supposedly invincible constraints or universal law—which often are invincible and universal in their eyes only—but in making more concrete the multiplicity of possible futures.
Saez I 196
The main effect of the tax system is not to influence the overall growth rate of the economy, but to change the distribution of economic resources—because it changes the disposable income of each social group, but also and more importantly because it affects the incentives to earn income and accumulate wealth. Any serious thinking about taxation must put inequality front and center, even more so in today’s world of rising wealth concentration.
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Zucman, Gabriel

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