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Postmodernism on Facts - Dictionary of Arguments

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Truth/facts/Postmodernism/Ball: Various criticisms can be levelled against a postmodernist perspective on interpretation. One is that we do sometimes wish, and legitimately so, to know whether something Marx or Mill said was true. We will not be helped by being told that true/false is a specious ‘binary’. More perniciously, with its emphasis on diverse, divergent and conflicting ‘readings’ or interpretations – there are allegedly no facts, only interpretation ‘all the way down’ – postmodernism is constitutionally unable to distinguish truth from falsehood and propaganda from fact. >Postmodernism/Ball
, >History/Postmodernism, >False information, >Facts, >Truth, >Correctness,
VsPostmodernism: But, as critics of postmodernism note, some ‘representations’ are misrepresentations – or, more bluntly, lies – that serve to conceal and/or legitimate abuses of some human beings by others. A perspective that professes to be unable to tell fact from fiction or true statements from lies is surely unsatisfactory not only from an epistemological but from a moral point of view.

Ball, Terence. 2004. „History and the Interpretation of Texts“. In: Gaus, Gerald F. Handbook of Political Theory. SAGE Publications.

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Gaus I
Gerald F. Gaus
Chandran Kukathas
Handbook of Political Theory London 2004

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