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Felix Guattari on Variables - Dictionary of Arguments

Sokal I 183
Variables/Deleuze/Guattari/Bricmont/Sokal: (G. Deleuze, F. Guattari,1991(1): "The respective independence of the variables appears in mathematics if they have a higher potency than the first one. Hegel therefore shows that the variability in the function is not limited to values that can be changed (2/3 and 4/6) or left undetermined (a = 2b), but requires that one of the variables assumes a higher potency (y²/x = P). (Deleuze/Guattari 1991/1996(1), p. 141.)

SokalVsDeleuze/SokalVsGuattari/SokalVsHegel: this sentence repeats a confusion by Hegel who saw fractions like y²/x as something fundamentally different than fractions like a/b.(2)(3)

1. G. Deleuze, F. Guattari, Qu' est-ce que la philosophie?, Paris 1991 - German: Was ist Philosophie, Frankfurt/M. 1996: page numbers here stem from the German edition.
2. J. Desanti, La Philosophie silencieuse, ou critique des philosophies de la science, Paris 1975. p. 43.
3. G. W. F. Hegel Wissenschaft der Logik. In. Sämtliche Werke vol. 4, 4th edition Stuttgart 1964, p. 354ff.

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Guattari, Felix
Sokal I
Alan Sokal
Jean Bricmont
Fashionabel Nonsense. Postmodern Intellectuals Abuse of Science, New York 1998
German Edition:
Eleganter Unsinn. Wie die Denker der Postmoderne die Wissenschaften missbrauchen München 1999

Sokal II
Alan Sokal
Fashionable Nonsense: Postmodern Intellectuals’ Abuse of Science New York 1999

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