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Morals: morals refers to a more or less coded set of rules, action maxims, duties and prohibitions within a society or group. Most of these rules are unconsciously internalized among the members of the society or group. Their justification and the possible assessment of actions are reflected in ethics and meta ethics. See also values, norms, rights, ethics.

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Max Weber on Morals - Dictionary of Arguments

Habermas III 231
Moral/Weber/Habermas: the cognitive independence of law and morality, i.e. the replacement of moral-practical insights of ethical and legal doctrines, principles, maxims and decision rules of worldviews in which they were initially embedded, is what Weber calls rationalization. Cosmological, religious and metaphysical worldviews are structured in such a way that the internal difference between theoretical and practical reason cannot yet come into effect.
Habermas III 232
The autonomisation of law and morality leads to formal law and to profane ethics of conviction and responsibility. Of course, this autonomization is still in the making even within religious systems of interpretation. This leads to the dichotomization between a search for salvation, which is oriented towards inner salvation goods and means of salvation, and the realization of an outer, objectified world. Weber shows how ethics of conviction approaches develop from this religiousness of conviction. (1)

1. M. Weber, Gesammelte Ausätze zur Religionssoziologie, Vol. I. 1963, p. 541.

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Weber I
M. Weber
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German Edition:
Die protestantische Ethik und der Geist des Kapitalismus München 2013

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