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Jean Piaget on Cooperation - Dictionary of Arguments

Habermas III 33
Cooperation/Piaget: Piaget developed the combined model of social cooperation, according to which several subjects coordinate their interventions in the objective world through communicative action.(1).
Habermas: only when one tries to separate cognitive-instrumental rationality from communicative rationality do contrasts emerge, e. g. in terms such as accountability and autonomy.
III 34
If the demands are geared to success, it is sufficient to demand that alternatives can be chosen and that conditions can be monitored. However, if rationality is measured by the success of communication processes, the demands are higher: here only those who, as members of a communication community, can orientate their actions towards intersubjectively recognized claims of validity may be regarded as responsible.

1.J. Piaget, Die Entwicklung des Erkennens III, Stuttgart 1973, p. 190. Zwei Arten von Wechselwirkung: a) durch teleologisches Handeln vermittelte Wechselwirkung zwischen Handelndem und Objekten, b) durch kommunikatives Handeln: Wechselwirkung zwischen dem Subjekt und anderen Subjekten.

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