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Robert Axelrod on Cooperation - Dictionary of Arguments

Surowiecki I 161
Cooperation/Axelrod/Surowiecki: Why do most people not proceed in such a way that they always assert their own advantage above all else? It must actually make more sense for them to benefit from the efforts of others who are stupid enough to think and act cooperatively.
Surowiecki I 162
Axelrod thesis: the foundation of cooperation is not actually trust, but the durability of relationships. It is a question of whether the circumstances allow a pattern of cooperation to be established. People have to be mature for that. (1)
Solution/Axelrod/Surowiecki: the temporal level, i. e. repeated cooperation. Axelrod's expression for this is the "shadow of the future". People recognize the advantages of cooperation and know that business partners are capable of taking punitive action.
Cooperation: presupposes that the partners treat each other nicely at the beginning and at the same time show the will to punish uncooperative behaviour.
Surowiecki I 163
Problem/SurowieckiVsAxelrod: This only applies to cooperation between the same partners. (See Ultimatum Game/Surowiecki). Why do we donate, buy things on eBay without looking at them first and give tips?

1. Robert Axelrod, The Evolution of Cooperation (Basic Books, New York 1984).
Für neuere Ansätze von Axelrod in Bezug auf andere Erklärungen für das Entstehen von Kooperation:
Rich L. Riolo, Michael D. Cohen und Robert Axelrod, »Evolution of Cooperation Without Reciprocity«, Nature 414/2001, S. 441ff.; Cohen, Riolo und Axelrod, »The Role of Social Structure in the Maintenance of Cooperative Regimes«, Rationality and Society 13/2001, S. 5-32; und Axelrod, »On Six Advances in Cooperation Theory«, Analyse und Kritik 22/2000, S.130-151. All diese Arbeiten sind auch zugänglich unter≈axe/research_papers.html.

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EconAxel I
Robert Axelrod
The Evolution of Cooperation: Revised Edition New York 2006

Surowi I
James Surowiecki
Die Weisheit der Vielen: Warum Gruppen klüger sind als Einzelne und wie wir das kollektive Wissen für unser wirtschaftliches, soziales und politisches Handeln nutzen können München 2005

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