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Values: Values are fundamental beliefs that guide behavior, representing principles individuals hold dear, influencing choices and attitudes towards oneself, others, and the world. See also Beliefs, Behavior, Individuals, Community, Norms, Principles, Decisions, Decision-making processes, Decision theory.
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Michael Sandel on Values - Dictionary of Arguments

Mause I 179f
Values/Sandel: Sandel thesis: Certain goods change their moral quality if they are left to be allocated by the market. In such cases, the results of the market are not always desirable even with a unanimous (pareto-enhancing) market exchange. (1)
Markets/Sandel: Markets dominate our lives like never before - and in the course of that also our associated values. This is not the result of a conscious decision, but of a long-lasting, hardly noticeable process. No other organisational principle has produced so much prosperity and abundance in the production and distribution of goods. However, this also influences people's values.
Economy/Sandel: Economy has increasingly become a "ruling science".
, >Pareto-Optimum.

1. Michael Sandel, Was man für Geld nicht kaufen kann: Die moralischen Grenzen des Marktes. Berlin 2012.

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Michael Sandel
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Karsten Mause
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Klaus Schubert,
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