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James T. Lamiell on Comparisons - Dictionary of Arguments

Corr I 82
Comparison/personality psychology/traits/LamiellVsTradition/LamiellVsEpstein//Lamiell: In order for an individual to be ‘higher than’ or ‘lower than’ or ‘equal to’ some other(s) with respect to some dimension of characterization, that individual must be somewhere along that dimension prior to any and all such between-person comparisons. This means that there must be some meaningful rationale for characterizing individuals that does not appeal to between-person comparisons and that, indeed, constitutes an epistemic precondition for such comparisons. Interactive measurement is just such a rationale. See >measurement/Lamiell
, >person/Lamiell, >interaction/Lamiell.

James T. Lamiell, “The characterization of persons: some fundamental conceptual issues”, in: Corr, Ph. J. & Matthews, G. (eds.) 2009. The Cambridge Handbook of Personality Psychology. New York: Cambridge University Press

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Lamiell, James T.
Corr I
Philip J. Corr
Gerald Matthews
The Cambridge Handbook of Personality Psychology New York 2009

Corr II
Philip J. Corr (Ed.)
Personality and Individual Differences - Revisiting the classical studies Singapore, Washington DC, Melbourne 2018

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