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Cognitive Psychology on Working Memory - Dictionary of Arguments

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Working Memory/cognitive psychology/Matthews: Working memory theory posits a capacity-limited supervisory executive system that directs both short-term storage and voluntary attention. It is localized in the prefrontal cortex, the anterior part of the frontal lobes of the brain (Kane and Engle 2002)(1).
Problems: advances in understanding executive functioning may help to clarify some of the ambiguities of resource theory (Eysenck, Derakshan, Santos and Calvo 2007(2)).

1. Kane, M. J. and Engle, R. W. 2002. The role of prefrontal cortex in working-memory capacity, executive attention, and general fluid intelligence: an individual-differences perspective, Psychonomic Bulletin and Review 9: 637–71
2. Eysenck, M. W., Derakshan, N., Santos, R. and Calvo, M. G. 2007. Anxiety and cognitive performance: attentional control theory, Emotion 7: 336–53

Gerald Matthews, „ Personality and performance: cognitive processes and models“, in: Corr, Ph. J. & Matthews, G. (eds.) 2009. The Cambridge handbook of Personality Psychology. New York: Cambridge University Press

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Cognitive Psychology
Corr I
Philip J. Corr
Gerald Matthews
The Cambridge Handbook of Personality Psychology New York 2009

Corr II
Philip J. Corr (Ed.)
Personality and Individual Differences - Revisiting the classical studies Singapore, Washington DC, Melbourne 2018

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