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Racism: Racism is the belief that one race is superior to another, and that this superiority justifies discrimination or prejudice. It is a social and political attitude that has caused immense harm throughout history. See also Discrimination, Prejudice, Society, Community, Politics, National Socialism, Fascism.
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Arthur R. Jensen on Racism - Dictionary of Arguments

Slater I 121
Racism/Intelligence/IQ tests/Jensen: (Jensen 1969)(1) Jensen wrote about the evils and injustices of racial prejudice, and stated very clearly that, “No one questions the role of environmental factors, including differences from past history, in determining at least some of the variance between racial groups in standard measures of intelligence, school performance, and occupational status” (Jensen, 1969, p. 83).
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1. Jensen, A. R. (1969). How much can we boost IQ and scholastic achievement? Harvard Educational Review, 3, 1–123.

Wendy Johnson: „How Much Can We Boost IQ? Updated Look at Jensen’s (1969) Question and Answer“, in: Alan M. Slater & Paul C. Quinn (eds.) 2012. Developmental Psychology. Revisiting the Classic Studies. London: Sage Publications

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Jensen, Arthur R.
Slater I
Alan M. Slater
Paul C. Quinn
Developmental Psychology. Revisiting the Classic Studies London 2012

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