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Heritability: Heritability in psychology quantifies the extent to which genetic factors contribute to individual differences in a trait within a specific population. See also Nature vs nurture.
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Arthur R. Jensen on Heritability - Dictionary of Arguments

Slater I 121
Heritability/Jensen: (Jensen 1969)(1)
(1) Genetic and environmental influences should not be considered independent of each other as they may be correlated and/or interact;
(2) heritability is a population statistic that does not apply to individuals;
(3) heritability can vary substantially from one environment to another;
(4) the level of heritability in one group does not mean that its level will be similar in other groups; (5) heritability in one group cannot be used to attribute mean differences between that group and another group to genetic differences between them;
(6) there were (and still are) many reasons to believe that environmental differences between middle- and upper-class European-Americans and disadvantaged African-Americans were (and still are) large,
(7) high heritability does not mean that a trait is immutable.
, >Genetic variation/Jensen.

1. Jensen, A. R. (1969). How much can we boost IQ and scholastic achievement? Harvard Educational Review, 3, 1–123.

Wendy Johnson: „How Much Can We Boost IQ? Updated Look at Jensen’s (1969) Question and Answer“, in: Alan M. Slater & Paul C. Quinn (eds.) 2012. Developmental Psychology. Revisiting the Classic Studies. London: Sage Publications

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Jensen, Arthur R.
Slater I
Alan M. Slater
Paul C. Quinn
Developmental Psychology. Revisiting the Classic Studies London 2012

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