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Rolf Loeber on Aggression - Dictionary of Arguments

Slater I 181
Aggression/Loeber: In contrast, to Patterson (>Aggression/Patterson) Loeber and Stouthamer-Loeber(1998)(1): it is important to preserve the distinction between overt (i.e., aggression) and covert (i.e., property crime) forms of antisocial behavior and note that orderly developmental progressions of each type have been identified (Loeber et al., 1993)(2).
Slater I 182
A. In the overt pathway, bullying and annoying behaviors develop into physical fighting, which in turn may develop into rape and other forms of violent attacks (see Loeber & Stouthamer-Loeber, 1998)(1).
B. In contrast, in the covert pathway, behaviors such as shoplifting and lying may develop into vandalism and other forms of property damage, which might in turn develop into fraud and burglary. Loeber and Stouthamer-Loeber (1998)(1) assert that a single causal model to explain the development of antisocial behavior is not adequate, and will hamper efforts to uncover developmental precursors that are specific to different types of offending. Thus, these researchers propose a distinct developmental model for aggression, in contrast to Moffitt’s and Patterson’s models, which do not distinguish pathways to aggression versus other types of antisocial behavior.

1. Loeber, R., & Stouthamer-Loeber, M. (1998). Development of juvenile aggression and violence: Some common misconceptions and controversies. American Psychologist, 53, 242—259.
2. Loeber, R., Wung, P., Keenan, K., Giroux, B., Stouthamer-Loeber, M., Van Kammen, W. B., & Maughan,
B. (1993). Developmental pathways in disruptive child behavior. Development and Psychopathology,
5, 101—132.

Jenifer E. Lansford, “Aggression. Beyond Bandura’s Bobo Doll Studies“, in: Alan M. Slater and Paul C. Quinn (eds.) 2012. Developmental Psychology. Revisiting the Classic Studies. London: Sage Publications

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Loeber, Rolf
Slater I
Alan M. Slater
Paul C. Quinn
Developmental Psychology. Revisiting the Classic Studies London 2012

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