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Haslam I 43
Social World/individual/perception/Festinger: According to Festinger, individuals represent the social world as a set of mental cognitions. Any behaviour, attitude or emotion was considered a cognition – that is, a mental representation within a person’s mind. So, too, were the perceptions of the world around us. Our perceptions of other people, social groups and the physical world were all considered to be cognitive representations. Those representations existed in relationship to each other – sometimes fitting together consistently and sometimes inconsistently in people’s minds. (Festinger 1957)(1). >Cognitive dissonance/Festinger.

1. Festinger, L. (1957) A Theory of Cognitive Dissonance. Stanford: Stanford University Press.

Joel Cooper, “Cognitive Dissonance. Revisiting Festinger’s End of the World study”, in: Joanne R. Smith and S. Alexander Haslam (eds.) 2017. Social Psychology. Revisiting the Classic Studies. London: Sage Publications

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Festinger, Leon
Haslam I
S. Alexander Haslam
Joanne R. Smith
Social Psychology. Revisiting the Classic Studies London 2017

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