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The relation of language and thought: this problem has been discussed since ancient philosophy and is today present in psychological research. It runs down to the question whether speechless animals are able to have thoughts. See also language, animal language, meaning, signs, communication, thinking, world/thinking.

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Jean Piaget on Language and Thought - Dictionary of Arguments

Upton I 75
Language and thought/Piaget/Upton: Piaget claimed that, although language and thought are closely related, language depends on thought for its development. Language is not possible until children are capable of symbolic thought; they must understand that one thing can stand for another before they can use words to represent objects, events and relationships.
Rationale: fundamental principles of thought (e.g. understanding concepts) are displayed well before language; and the simultaneous emergence of language and other processes (…) are suggesting that language is just one of a number of outcomes of fundamental changes in cognitive ability. >Symbolic play/Piaget. VsPiaget: >Language and thought/Vygotsky.

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Piag I
J. Piaget
The Psychology Of The Child 2nd Edition 1969

Upton I
Penney Upton
Developmental Psychology 2011

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