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Introspection: introspection is the investigation of a self-conscious subject of its own inner states. Prerequisites are, among other things, the ability to distinguish interior from external influences, as well as at least to some extent the use of a public language. Moreover, the subject must be able to compare past internal and external states with present internal and external states, and must be able to deliberately distinguish itself from other subjects.
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Arthur C. Danto on Introspection - Dictionary of Arguments

I 259f
Introspection/Strawson/Danto: we only know how much we weigh or what the temperature is by means of instruments. The mind is even more deceptive: memory deceives us, we repress our feelings and are capable of self-deception.
>P.F. Strawson
, >Self-knowledge, >Delusion, >Illusion.
I 256
Introspection: For example, one can have pain on amputated limbs. There is no reason why an inner sense should be more authoritative than an outer one.
>Privileged access, >First person, >Pain.
I 263f
VsBehaviorism: if we defined expressions like anger or love absolutely and totally in terms of behavior, then there would be no difference between these expressions and those we use to describe people: blonde, fat, tall etc. Now we do not apply these terms to ourselves on the same basis.
Cf. >Behaviorism.
I 264
In how we ascribe such expressions to ourselves and to others, there really are differences, whereas there are no such differences in terms of temperature or weight.
>Self-knowledge, >Self-identification.

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