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Models, philosophy, logic: A model is obtained when a logical formula provides true statements by inserting objects instead of the free variables. One problem is the exclusion of unintended models. See also model theory.
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Judea Pearl on Models - Dictionary of Arguments

Brockman I 17
Models/Pearl: once we encode our scientific knowledge in a model (which may be qualitative), algorithms exist that examine the model and determine if a given query, be it about an intervention or about a counterfactual, can be estimated from the available data—and, if so, how. >Counterfactuals/Pearl
, >Machine learning/Pearl.
This capability has dramatically transformed the way scientists are doing science, especially in such data-intensive sciences as sociology and epidemiology, for which causal
Brockman I 18
models have become a second language. These disciplines view their linguistic transformation as the Causal Revolution.
((s) For Problems in relation to causality cf. >Causality/Philosophy.)

Pearl, Judea.”The Limitations of Opaque Learning Machines.” in: Brockman, John (ed.) 2019. Twenty-Five Ways of Looking at AI. New York: Penguin Press.

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Pearl, Judea
Brockman I
John Brockman
Possible Minds: Twenty-Five Ways of Looking at AI New York 2019

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