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Social Psychology on Attractiveness - Dictionary of Arguments

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Attractiveness/Social Psychology/Nadler/Mueller: In experiments on the influence of physical attractiveness in the context of criminal trials, defendant physical attractiveness exerts a small effect on both judgments of guilt and punishment (Mazzella and Feingold, 1994)(1). These effects are inconsistent, however, and can vary with other factors such as strength of the evidence (Beckham, Spray, and Pietz, 2007(2); Erian et al., 1998(3)). Outside of the trial context, there is some evidence that physically attractive defendants receive lower bail than less attractive ones (Downs and Lyons, 1991(4)).
Victims: Victim attractiveness can influence judgments as well; observers consider the death of a physically attractive woman to be more unjust and deserving of more punishment than the death of a less attractive woman (Callan, Powell, and Ellard, 2007(5)). >Punishment/Social Psychology.
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Perception: When perceiving persons, we immediately decide whether their intentions toward us are good, and how competent they are to carry out their intentions (Fiske, Cuddy, and Glick, 2007)(6). >Punishment/Social Psychology.

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Nadler, Janice and Pam A. Mueller. „Social Psychology and the Law“. In: Parisi, Francesco (ed) (2017). The Oxford Handbook of Law and Economics. Vol 1: Methodology and Concepts. NY: Oxford University Press

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Social Psychology
Parisi I
Francesco Parisi (Ed)
The Oxford Handbook of Law and Economics: Volume 1: Methodology and Concepts New York 2017

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