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Experience: a) reflected perception, which can be compared with prior perceptions and can be processed linguistically. See also events, perception, sensations, empiricism.
b) an event that is processed in the consciousness of a subject. No mere imagination. See also events, imagination, consciousness.

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William James on Experience - Dictionary of Arguments

Suhr I 93
Experience/James: experience is a "double-barreled term": like "life" and "history".
Diaz-Bone I 55
Experience/Sensation/JamesVsHume, JamesVsMill: "Associationism": sees in conceptual ideas and experiences only reflections of perceptible impressions which produce ideas by acting on the organism.
James: This "determinism" probably explains the sensations of details, but not the experiences of utterances of will, feelings, rationality, memories. >Association.
I 59
Pure Experience/James: Experience is the Reality! (> Berkeley: being is perceived, being of things is their being known.) JamesVsBerkeley: esse est percipere. ((s) = Being is perceiving.)

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Suhr I
Martin Suhr
John Dewey zur Einführung Hamburg 1994

James I
R. Diaz-Bone/K. Schubert
William James zur Einführung Hamburg 1996

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