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Pragmatism, philosophy: the philosophical pragmatism deals mainly with the effects of our actions in the world. In particular, in the direction of pragmatism represented by W. James, truth is conceived as something that has proved useful or will prove useful. See also ideal assertiveness, truth, Peirce, Dewey, Rorty, Putnam.
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William James on Pragmatism - Dictionary of Arguments

Diaz-Bone I 68
Pragmatism/James: the term pragmatism is used for the first time by James 1898. He, however, refers to Peirce, 1878.
Signs/Peirce/VsKant: VsConstruction of the transcendental subject: Pragmatism is the method that enables successful linguistic and intellectual communication and clear ideas. For Peirce every thought is a sign.
I 70
Pragmatism/Peirce: pragmatism is a voluntary action theory.
Definition Voluntarism: Will as the basic principle of being.
I 76
Pragmatism: pragmatism is like a corridor in the middle of many rooms, it belongs to all who use it.
Concept/Pragmatism: He considers all concepts hypotheses. Use is always a personal decision.
I 78
We do not live to think, but we think to live.
Science/James: Science, comon sense and individual consciousness have one thing in common: they should increase the human adaptability.
I 88
PragmatismVsCorrespondence theory: Conformity in James, the dichotomy true/false is softened. (> Realization
, >adjustment).
I 102
VsPragmatism: that James confuses truth with certainty: it can never be ascertained whether an observation is properly translated. (> Basic sentence problem).

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James I
R. Diaz-Bone/K. Schubert
William James zur Einführung Hamburg 1996

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