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I, philosophy: A) The expression of a speaker for the subject or the person who is herself. The use of this expression presupposes an awareness of one's own person. B) The psychical entity of a subject that is able to relate to itself. C. Self, philosophy the concept of the self cannot be exactly separated from the concept of the I. Over the past few years, more and more traditional terms of both concepts have been relativized. In particular, a constant nature of the self or the I is no longer assumed today. See also brain/brain state, mind, state of mind, I, subjects, perception, person.
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Jacques Lacan on I, Ego, Self - Dictionary of Arguments

Pagel I 26
Mirror/I/Lacan: (Narcissus) the other is not where I am. In the arrest with the mirror, the ideal I assumes the role of the ruler.
I 31
Partial drives: Partial object: splitting into good and evil part.
>Psychlogical theories on drives
I 31
Mirror/Lacan: The self-elevation of the ego bears the character of the imaginary and is thus of a narcissistic nature.
Ego/Freud: Lacan: "moi".
I 33
Definition "Je"/Lacan: the true subject of humans. Cannot be seen in the mirror.
Definition "Moi"/Lacan: the place of imaginary knowledge. Illusion of autonomy.
I 35
Subject/Lacan: cannot be reduced to a linear genesis of identity and consciousness, it has its "true" place in the unconscious.
>Experimental psychology on subject.
>Psychological theories on unconscious.
I 36
Autonomy/Lacan: is an illusion.
>Psychological theories on autonomy.
I 37
Subject/Lacan: has to deal with his real tornness. Lack of being.

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Lacan I
Gerda Pagel
Jacques Lacan zur Einführung Hamburg 1989

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