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Intelligence: intelligence is generally, the ability of solving problems mentally. A large number of components are involved, which makes a strict definition of intelligence impossible. Typical problems are pattern recognition, continuation of sequences, paraphrasing of language utterances. See also computation, artificial intelligence, strong artificial intelligence, thinking, knowledge, understanding, memory, psychology.
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Marvin Minsky on Intelligence - Dictionary of Arguments

Minsky I 71
Intelligence/Minsky: Our minds contain processes that enable us to solve problems we consider difficult. Intelligence is our name for whichever of those processes we don't yet understand.
Why are streams and plants not intelligent? (e.g. coral reefs) -
It doesn't seem a good idea to use the same word for different things, unless one has in mind important ways in which they are the same. Plants and streams don't seem very good at solving the kinds of problems we regard as needing intelligence.
Problem solving: (…) it is only an illusion that animals can solve (…) problems! No individual bird discovers a way to fly. Instead, each bird exploits a solution that evolved from countless reptile years of evolution.
>Animal language
, >Animals.
Is evolution intelligent? - Evolution's time rate is so slow that we don't see it as intelligent, even though it finally produces wonderful things we ourselves cannot yet make.
>Evolution, cf. >Artificial Intelligence.

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Minsky I
Marvin Minsky
The Society of Mind New York 1985

Minsky II
Marvin Minsky
Semantic Information Processing Cambridge, MA 2003

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