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Communication: In general, communication is the transmission of information between several entities (people, animals, cells) that are able to process this information. In communication, information is copied and not merely transmitted, since it is not lost at the original location. New information emerges where applicable in the individuals involved in the communication. The aim of communication is to change the information of a recipient. Human communication also includes the manner of transmission, e.g. ironic coloring of a quotation or the knowledge about the credibility of a source. See also information, language, communication theory, actions, understanding, frame theories.
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Chris Frith on Communication - Dictionary of Arguments

I 208
Definition "supported communication"/Frith: people with severe disability can communicate through an assistant.
In tests, it can be found that it is the moderator who answers the questions. Until this is pointed out, he does not know this!
Originator: the moderator is deceived about the origin.
I 225
Communication/Frith: communication is more than just speaking.
Representation/Frith: the representation that I have of a tree was developed by my brain. Through a series of assumptions and predictions.
>Representation, >Localization, >Spatial localization.
Communication: when I try to tell you something I have my idea in mind and my model of your idea. I can compare both directly.
Control: I know I did not mediate my idea successfully when my prediction of what you are going to do next was wrong.
More precisely, I can even look at the type of error: where exactly are the differences between my idea and my model of your idea?
I 250
Communication/Frith: in communication you should always examine two brains at the same time.
>Brain, >Brain states, >Brain/Frith.

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Frith I
Chris Frith
Making up the Mind: How the Brain Creates Our Mental World, Hoboken/NJ 2007
German Edition:
Wie unser Gehirn die Welt erschafft Heidelberg 2013

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