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Triangulation: the method of including a second point of view when considering an object, e.g. for determining a distance. In psychology, the interaction of mother and child in the study of language acquisition is observed in the face of an object. The concept of triangulation is essential for understanding the philosophical problem of private language. See also private language, rules, language acquisition.

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G��rdenfors on Triangulation - Dictionary of Arguments

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Triangulation/Language/Learning/Semantic domains/Cooperation/Gärdenfors: to share a semantic domain facilitates cooperation. New forms of cooperation are made possible when jointly oriented attention can be established.
Anthropology: there is a great consensus that the human developed in extensive areas of open landscapes (Preuschoft & Witte, 1991, Hilton & Meldrum, 2004)(1)(2), where it was helpful to refer to absent objects.

1. Preuschoft, H., & Witte, H. (1991). Biomechanical reasons for the evolution of hominid body shape. In Y. Coppens & B. Senut (Eds.), Origine de la bipedie chez les hominides (pp. 55–79). Paris: Cahiers de Paleoanthropologie Editions du CNRS.
2. Hilton, C. E., & Meldrum, D. J. (2004). Striders, runners, and transporters. In D. J. Meldrum & C. E. Hilton (Eds.), From biped to strider: The emergence of modern human walking, running, and resource transport (pp. 1–8). New York: Kluwer Academic.

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P. Gärdenfors
The Geometry of Meaning Cambridge 2014

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