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World/thinking: Questions about the reality of the world in comparison to perception and interpretation by the mind are central to philosophy. To what extent is objective knowledge or "objective" perception possible? Can thinking not only overcome the limitations of perception but also recognize them in the first place? See also perception, thinking, knowledge, cognition, objectivity, world, reality.
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Terrence W. Deacon on World/Thinking - Dictionary of Arguments

I 416
World/Thinking/Deacon: in a way we are autistic: like the main character in the movie Rain Man, who acscribes numbers to all objects, we cannot help but see the world in symbolic categories, divide it up according to opposites and tell corresponding stories about it.
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Dea I
T. W. Deacon
The Symbolic Species: The Co-evolution of language and the Brain New York 1998

Dea II
Terrence W. Deacon
Incomplete Nature: How Mind Emerged from Matter New York 2013

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