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Reciprocity: Reciprocity is the exchange of something between two or more people or groups, with each side giving or doing something for the other. See also Cooperation, Community, Actions, Justice.
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Peter Singer on Reciprocity - Dictionary of Arguments

I 61/62
Ethics/Reciprocity/Compensation/Equality/Plato/P. Singer: Plato lets Glaucon say in the state: "It is by nature good to commit injustice, but to suffer it is bad, and the latter in a stronger way than the first. So if you have experienced both, you should come to avoid both.
I 62
Socrates disproves this view of Glaucon in the dialogue.
P. SingerVsRawls: Glaucon's conception is still to this day found in the work of John Rawls and David Gauthier. It leads to the exclusion of animals from the sphere, which is subject to our own ethical standards, because animals cannot behave in the way we behave towards them. Therefore, no reciprocity can be assumed in our relationship with them. In order to deal with this problem, we must distinguish between explanation and justification.
>Animals, >Humans, >Behavior, >Ethics, >Morals, >Equality, >Inequality.

1. John Rawls, A Theory of Justice: Original Edition. Belknap Press (1971).

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SingerP I
Peter Singer
Practical Ethics (Third Edition) Cambridge 2011

SingerP II
P. Singer
The Most Good You Can Do: How Effective Altruism is Changing Ideas About Living Ethically. New Haven 2015

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