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Sokal I 171
Time Reversal/Baudrillard/Bricmont/Sokal: (J. Baudrillard: Die fatalen Strategien, Munich, 1991): Baudrillard speaks here of a reversibility of the causal order... triumph of the effect on the cause... "Floating and blurring of the laws"..."possible reversibility"....
SokalVsBaudrillard: it is difficult to decide what Baudrillard means by the "reversal" of a physical law. In physics, we speak of the reversibility of laws as an abbreviation for the "invariance to time reversal". This applies to all physical laws except for the weak interaction.
Sokal I 172
However, this also applies to Newtonian mechanics. On the contrary, a new discovery is the non-reversibility of weak interactions in 1964.
Causality/Sokal: in any case, the reversibility of physical laws has nothing to do with an alleged "reversibility of the causal order".

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Sokal I
Alan Sokal
Jean Bricmont
Fashionabel Nonsense. Postmodern Intellectuals Abuse of Science, New York 1998
German Edition:
Eleganter Unsinn. Wie die Denker der Postmoderne die Wissenschaften missbrauchen München 1999

Sokal II
Alan Sokal
Fashionable Nonsense: Postmodern Intellectuals’ Abuse of Science New York 1999

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