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Social minimum: The social minimum is the minimum amount of income and resources that a person needs to live a decent life in society. It is typically defined by the government and is used to determine the level of social welfare benefits and other social programs. The social minimum can vary depending on the country and the cost of living. See also Society, Economy, Welfare state, Social law.
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John Rawls on Social Minimum - Dictionary of Arguments

I 304
Social Minimum standard/Social Minimum/Rawls: if a fair saving rate is found (see Saving/Rawls
), you can adjust the level of the minimum standard.
Def Social minimum standards/Rawls: the sum of transfers and support for essential public goods should be designed to improve the expectations of the most disadvantaged, in line with the necessary reserves and maintaining equal freedoms.
This form of distributive justice contains a large proportion of procedural justice. No information about the preferences of individuals is given.
Problem: in order to guarantee procedural fairness, a system of equitable institutions must be assumed. Our two principles of justice are sufficient for this purpose.

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Rawl I
J. Rawls
A Theory of Justice: Original Edition Oxford 2005

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