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John Rawls on Self-Respect - Dictionary of Arguments

I 440
Self-respect/Rawls: Self-respect is perhaps the most important of the primary goods. This must be declared as rationality according to the concept of goodness. We can define respect for ourselves as consisting of two aspects:
a) A sense of one's own value, the certain belief that one's own conception of the good, one's own life plan is worth to be carried out.
b) Confidence in the fact that one's own intentions are to be implemented within the realm of what is possible by the person himself/herself. This also means that these intentions are not perceived as something unimportant. Therefore, self-esteem is also one of the factors that promote the execution of human planning.
Circumstances of self-respect:
1. having a rational life plan and
2. to realize that one's actions are respected by others.
Planning/Rawls: a rational life plan should also include the fulfilment of the Aristotelian principle: (I 426 Definition Aristotelian Principle/Terminology/Rawls: that is what I call the following principle: ceteris paribus means that people enjoy the exercise of their abilities, and to a greater extent, the more these abilities are realized and the more challenging (complex) they are(1)(2)(3)(4).
I 442
Communality/Rawls: it is necessary that every person belongs to at least one community of people who share their interests and respect their aspirations.

(1) Cf. Aristoteles, Nicomachean Ethics, bk. VIII, ch. 11-14, bk. X. ch. 1-5.
(2) See W.F.R. Hardie, Aristotle’s Ethical Theory, (Oxford, 1968), ch. XIV.
(3) G.C. Field, Moral Theory (London, 1932), pp.76-78.
(4) R. W. White, „Ego and Reality in Psychoanalytic Theory“, Psychological Issues, vol. III (1963), ch. III and pp. 173-175, 180f.

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Rawl I
J. Rawls
A Theory of Justice: Original Edition Oxford 2005

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