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Talcott Parsons on Revolution - Dictionary of Arguments

Habermas IV 423
Revolutions/Parsons/Habermas: Parsons understands these three revolutions as structural differentiations of the community system from the economic, political and cultural subsystems:
The industrial revolution that began in England in the late 18th century
The French Revolution of 1789
The revolution in education, i.e. the expansion of formal education, which already began in the 18th century but was not radically implemented until the middle of the 20th century. (1)
Habermas IV 424
These separated early from developed modernity and fulfil the starting conditions for an international system of highly complex societies, to which Parson's standard description of social systems with four subsystems each applies. (See Subsystems/Parsons).
"Precursor revolutions" are for Parson's Reformation and Renaissance, which make the transition to modernity possible by releasing the cognitive potentials contained in the tradition of Christianity and Roman-Greek antiquity, until then only worked on by cultural elites, monastic orders and universities, and
Habermas IV 425
to let these potentials have an effect at the institutional level.
The institutions of legal rule based on religious tolerance and agricultural production based on wage labour are the basis for the three "revolutions" with which the husks of a stratified, professionally still fixed class society are blown up.

1.T.Parsons, The System of Modern Societies, Englewood Cliffs 1971, S. 101.

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