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Max Weber on Decisionism - Dictionary of Arguments

Habermas III 358
Decisionism/Justification/Law/Decisionism/Weber/HabermasVsWeber/Habermas: Problem: if some form of rational agreement means the "only consistent form of legitimacy of a law", how can legal rule, whose legality is based on a purely decisionist right, be legitimized at all?
Solution/Carl Schmitt/N. Luhmann: Weber's answer set a precedent from Carl Schmitt to Niklas Luhmann: through procedures. This does not mean a reduction to formal conditions of moral and practical justification of legal norms, but compliance with procedural rules in jurisdiction, application of law and legislation.
Habermas III 359
Legitimacy is then based "on the belief in the legality of established orders and the right of instruction of those appointed by them to exercise power". (1)
HabermasVsWeber: Problem: Where does the belief in legality find the power to legitimize when legality merely means conformity with a de facto existing legal system, and when this in turn is inaccessible as an arbitrarily positive law of practical moral justification. There is no way out of this circularity. (2)

1.M. Weber, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft, hrsg.v. J. Winckelmann, Tübingen 1964,S. 159
2.J. Winckelmann, Legitimität und Legalität in Webers Herrschaftssoziologie, Tübingen 1952; K. Eder, Zur Rationalisierungsproblematik des modernen Rechts, in: Soziale Welt, 2, 1978, S. 247ff.

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Weber I
M. Weber
The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism - engl. trnsl. 1930
German Edition:
Die protestantische Ethik und der Geist des Kapitalismus München 2013

Ha I
J. Habermas
Der philosophische Diskurs der Moderne Frankfurt 1988

Jürgen Habermas
Theorie des kommunikativen Handelns Bd. I Frankfurt/M. 1981

Jürgen Habermas
Theorie des kommunikativen Handelns Bd. II Frankfurt/M. 1981

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