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Jürgen Habermas on Value Theory - Dictionary of Arguments

IV 494
Value Theory/Method/Habermas: Marx' value theory specifies rules according to which systematic statements (about anonymous value relationships) can be translated into historical statements (about interaction relations
IV 495
between social classes). In this way, problems of system integration can be mapped at the level of social integration and be linked to the dynamics of class conflicts.
IV 498
Method/HabermasVsMarx: it is a weakness of value theory that statements about the system or about the lifeworld are only possible as statements about a totality that holds both moments together. It is assumed that there is a logical connection between system development and structural change in everyday life.
Marx understands the unity of the system and the lifeworld (...) according to the model of the unity of a torn moral totality.
IV 499
This leads him to misunderstand the evolutionary intrinsic value of media-controlled subsystems (see Media/Habermas).
Problem: this makes it impossible for Marx to present his perspective of action within the framework of his theory of revolution.
IV 501
HabermasVsMarx: Marx lacks the criteria with which he could distinguish the destruction of traditional living environments.
IV 503
HabermasVsMarx: another decisive weakness of value theory is the generalization of a special case of the subsumption of the lifeworld under system imperatives. The processes of reification does not need to necessarily occur only in the sphere in which they are created - in the world of work. They can also occur in private life. Value theory (however) calculates only with one channel, that of the monetization of labour.

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