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Talcott Parsons on Decisions - Dictionary of Arguments

Habermas IV 333
Decisions/Parsons/Habermas: Parsons thesis: for any situation of action there are five problems which inevitably face each actor in the form of binary schematized general and abstract decision alternatives. (1)
1. Should the actor follow his/her interests directly or allow for normative considerations?
2. Should he/she immediately follow his/her emotions and desires or suppress impulses?
3. Should he/she analyse the situation in a detached way, or should he/she get involved as a participant?
Habermas IV 334
4. Should he/she judge other actors according to their performance or contributions?
5. Should he/she consider concrete objects and actors in their complexity or limit himself/herself to analytically described circumstances?
Parsons gains from this the following table:
1. The private vs. collective interest dilemma: self vs. collectivity orientation.
2. The gratification-discipline dilemma: affectivity vs. affective neutrality.
3. The dilemma of transcendence vs. immanence: universalism vs. particularism.
4. The choice between object modalities: performance vs. quality (achievement vs. diffuseness).
5. The definition of the scope of interest in the object: specitiy vs. diffuseness.
HabermasVsParsons: he has not fulfilled the claim that this table constitutes a system.

1.Talcott Parsons, The Social System, NY 1951, S. 76

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