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Mause I 44
Liberalism/Mill: Mill represents a liberal understanding of the state as an instrument of the legal guarantee and self-impact of a liberal society which, in order to function as a space for the development of individual freedom, must regulate itself not only with regard to the framework conditions of market activity, but also with regard to the distribution of education and material prosperity.
He formulated a normative definition of a "society based on private property and individual competition", which "realizes the full participation of every member of the community through his/her benefits". (1)

1. J. St. Mill, Grundsätze der politischen Ökonomie, nebst einigen Anwendungen derselben auf die Gesellschaftswissenschaften (Auszug). In Der Wert des Marktes. Ein ökonomisch-philosophischer Diskurs vom 18. Jahrhundert bis zur Gegenwart, Hrsg. Lisa Herzog und Axel Honneth, Berlin 2014, S. 419.

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Mill I
John St. Mill
A System of Logic, Ratiocinative and Inductive, London 1843
German Edition:
Von Namen, aus: A System of Logic, London 1843
Eigennamen, Ursula Wolf, Frankfurt/M. 1993

Mill II
J. St. Mill
Utilitarianism: 1st (First) Edition Oxford 1998

Mause I
Karsten Mause
Christian Müller
Klaus Schubert,
Politik und Wirtschaft: Ein integratives Kompendium Wiesbaden 2018

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