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Pyotr Alexeevich Kropotkin on Darwinism - Dictionary of Arguments

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Darwinism/Kropotkin: Kropotkin saw himself as a Darwinist, but rejected the evolution theorist from his students. According to Kropotkin, Darwin was "quite right when he saw in the social characteristics of man the main factor for his further development, and Darwin's vulgarizing successors are completely wrong when they claim the opposite". (1)
VsKropotkin/VsSocial Darwinism: 1. Both are guilty of naturalistic failure: to derive a "shall" from being. Darwin himself, on the other hand, only tried to provide a description and explanation for the emergence and development of life in nature, and not to derive instructions for action from it.
CantzenVsKropotkin: 2. Both Kropotkin and the social Darwinism he criticized appear with the claim of a natural science and try to present mutual help as a law of nature. Kropotkin does not reflect on the relationship between the natural environment and the social environment. However, this is a historical relationship and not a law of nature. (2)

1. Pjotr Alexejewitsch Kropotkin, Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution, London 1902. Dt.: Peter Kropotkin, Gegenseitige Hilfe in der Tier- und Menschenwelt. Mit einem Nachwort neu herausgegeben von Henning Ritter, Frankfurt/M./Berlin/Wien 1975, S. 113.f.
2. Rolf Cantzen, Weniger Staat – mehr Gesellschaft. Freiheit – Ökologie – Anarchismus, Frankfurt/M. 1987 , S. 23.

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Kropot I
Peter Kropotkin
Gegenseitige Hilfe in der Tier- und Menschenwelt Frankfurt/Berlin/Wien 1975

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