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Judith Butler on Postmodernism - Dictionary of Arguments

Gaus I 46
Postmodernism/Butler/Bennett: which is the emphasis of this chapter. Judith Butler points out that to use the category ‘postmodern theory’ is to make an assumption that postmodern theorists find problematic, i.e. that ‘theories offer themselves in bundles or in organized totalities, and that … a set of theories which are structurally similar emerge as the articulation of an historically specific condition of human reflection’ (1995: 38)(1).

1. Butler, Judith (1995) ‘Contingent foundations’. In Seyla Benhabib, Judith Butler, Drucilla Cornell and Nancy Fraser, eds, Feminist Contentions: A Philosophical Exchange. New York: Routledge, 35–57.

Jane Bennett, 2004. „Postmodern Approaches to Political Theory“. In: Gaus, Gerald F. & Kukathas, Chandran. 2004. Handbook of Political Theory. SAGE Publications.

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Butler, Judith
Gaus I
Gerald F. Gaus
Chandran Kukathas
Handbook of Political Theory London 2004

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