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Antirealism: (Michael Dummett) the thesis that it has to be possible to be shown through behavior that alternatives to an assumed fact could make a difference. In the case of undecidable sentences such as the number of geese on the Capitol this is not possible.

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Bas van Fraassen on Anti-Realism - Dictionary of Arguments

I 18
Anti-Realism/VsAnti-Realism: what he believes about the world depends on what kind of world he believes to be in - Fraassen VsVs: (pro anti-realism): this would presuppose that epistemology provided the same results, regardless of the span of evidence available to us - that would presuppose skepticism. Solution/Fraassen: empirical adequacy: a theory should correctly describe phenomena ("preserve") - then observability depends on our community.
I 31
Anti-Realism/Science/Fraassen: for him, it is all about increase in knowledge about the observable - Fraassen pro - possibly another correlation is assumed between smoking and cancer: lung irritation, etc.
I 219
FraassenVsAnti-Realism: cannot claim that successful theories are simply those that survive without claiming that they are true.

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Fr I
B. van Fraassen
The Scientific Image Oxford 1980

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