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Exterior/interior, outside/inside (philosophy): the distinction is important in connection with statements. If the statement is made within a system, it can be problematic to make an assertion about the system with that statement. The distinction between outside and inside replaces in some theories, e.g. in the system theory, the distinction between form and content. This is to avoid the counterintuitive acceptance of a content without form or a form without content. See also form, content, circularity, systems, theories, mereology, system theory.

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Humberto Maturana on Exterior/interior - Dictionary of Arguments

I 98
Recursion/within/without/Maturana: through recursive distinctions the observer can operate as if he moves outside his circumstances. (Self-reference, application of operations an operations).
I 113f
Unity/closed system/Maturana: within/without is only for the observer not by Input/Output describable, otherwise open system.
I 121
Distinction from hallucination for nervous system not possible, part of the cognitive domain of the observer.
I 183
Definition Life/Maturana: in ontogenetic drift push through a range of interference, while a constantly changing niche is realized. - Living System/lS: operates only in the present - is open for the passage of molecules (parts of autopoietic systems) - Purpose: part of the observer - living systems have no within/without - they are in the process of autopoiesis or disintegrated - Environment: is not "used" by the system - instead they bring their own niche out.
I 194
Life is knowledge - living systems are cognitive systems.

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Maturana I
Umberto Maturana
Biologie der Realität Frankfurt 2000

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