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Meaning theory: a theory that seeks to explain the meaning of meaning. Problem the concept of meaning and truth seem to presuppose each other.

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Anita Avramides on Meaning Theory - Dictionary of Arguments

I 7ff
Theory of meaning /meaning theory/ /Davidson / Dummett / Avramides : Davidson and Dummett represented a " pessimistic " approach instead of asking directly what is meaning, we can only wonder how a theory of meaning must look - Dummett : " ~meaning is what explains" - which stands in stark contrast to Grice - Avramides : too pessimistic - Davidson: what form must a have ? - 1 Theorems must be comprehensible to speakers and hearers - 2 potentially explain infinitely many sentences - 3 Explain compositionality - solution / Davidson: a semantic notion of truth (Tarski) will have to understand the language - DummettVsDavidson : verification - conditions of verification instead of truth conditions.
I 94 / Grice / John Biro / Avramides: it is the theory, not about how to find out the meaning but what it constitutes - not what reveals the significance, but what does it mean that an expression hasa meaning - "Constitution of meaning is one thing - to tell you is another".

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Avr I
A. Avramides
Meaning and Mind Boston 1989

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