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Alfred Jules Ayer on Definiteness - Dictionary of Arguments

I 288
Determinateness/Ayer: defined by containment: that my shoes are blacc entails that they are not brown, but not vice versa - that I write entails that anybody writes, but not vice versa.
Def Determinateness/Ayer: a statement is absolutely specific in L, if no statement can be made that contains this statement, without being included in it. - (>minimal/Chisholm
Then a hierarchy is constructible in L.
Problem: you may make a statement beconme more specific, by connecting another with it. (>conjunction, >slingshot argument).
I 289
> Big fact: expressed by a conjunction of all independent true statements.

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Ayer II
Alfred Jules Ayer
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Ayer III
Alfred Jules Ayer
"The Criterion of Truth", Analysis 3 (1935), pp. 28-32
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