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Max Black on Thinking - Dictionary of Arguments

II 94
Thinking/Black: not to be covered with "various linguistic clothes". - If a thought is supposed to be "too profound for words", we have to ignore it - VsClothing Model: would lead to regarding all speaking as the encoding process and hearing as decoding.
II 97
Wrong: "Think before you speak" - Vs Cl.I.Lewis: meaning very well comes into existence through communication (otherwise we ge a "Clothing Model"). - However Black Thesis: thinking without language is possible - E.g. imagining chess positions. Cf. >Psychological theotry on language and thought.
II 98
The speech current does not need to be accompanied by a parallel stream of mental events - the spoken language needs no mental correlate to be meaningful.
II 100
It is hardly possible to distinguish between thoughts and linguistic representation.
II 119
Language/Tractatus/Wittgenstein: 4.002: Language disguises the thought - in a way that one cannot infer the shape of the clad thought from the outer shape of the dress. (BlackVsWittgenstein).

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Black I
Max Black
"Meaning and Intention: An Examination of Grice’s Views", New Literary History 4, (1972-1973), pp. 257-279
Handlung, Kommunikation, Bedeutung, G. Meggle (Hg), Frankfurt/M 1979

Black II
M. Black
The Labyrinth of Language, New York/London 1978
German Edition:
Sprache. Eine Einführung in die Linguistik München 1973

Black III
M. Black
The Prevalence of Humbug Ithaca/London 1983

Black IV
Max Black
"The Semantic Definition of Truth", Analysis 8 (1948) pp. 49-63
Truth and Meaning, Paul Horwich, Aldershot 1994

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