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David Deutsch on Thinking - Dictionary of Arguments

Brockman I 115
Thinking/Deutsch: Here I’ll reserve the term “thinking” for processes that can create understanding (explanatory knowledge). >Knowledge/Popper, >Learning/Deutsch, >Artificial Intelligence/Deutsch, >Imitation/Deutsch, >Artificial General Intelligence/Deutsch.

Brockman I 122
Thinking/Deutsch: How does one test for thinking? By the Turing Test? Unfortunately, that requires a thinking judge. One might imagine a vast collaborative project on the Internet, where an
Brockman I 123
AI hones its thinking abilities in conversations with human judges and becomes an AGI. But that assumes, among other things, that the longer the judge is unsure whether the program is a person, the closer it is to being a person. There is no reason to expect that. >Artificial General Intelligence/Deutsch, >Obedience/Deutsch.

Deutsch, D. “Beyond Reward and Punishment” in: Brockman, John (ed.) 2019. Twenty-Five Ways of Looking at AI. New York: Penguin Press.

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Deutsch I
D. Deutsch
Fabric of Reality, Harmondsworth 1997
German Edition:
Die Physik der Welterkenntnis München 2000

Brockman I
John Brockman
Possible Minds: Twenty-Five Ways of Looking at AI New York 2019

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