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Peter F. Strawson on Objects (Material Things) - Dictionary of Arguments

I 177f
Thing/Job/language/Strawson: 1. grammatical criterion:
List 1: Language functions: Differences: A-expressions/B-expressions: refer/describe, designate/to state something about him, etc.
I 178
List 2: Differentiation of linguistic components: singular term/predicative term, referring term/predicate term, subject/predicate, etc.
I 180
List 3: Distinguishes between constituents of statements or between things: things, to which one refers/predicted thing, etc.... nothing can occur on both sides: the act of self-relating cannot be identical with the act of predicting, but some possible in both roles) list 3 presupposes distinction thing/role.
I 182
List 4: (corresponds to Frege): Object/term: combines roll and thing - no object can ever be predicted.
>Object/Frege, >Concept/Frege.
List 3: aligns the terms of List 2 (cf. >Particularisation/Ramsey).
I 185
Thing/activity/"about"/represent/singular Term/predicate/StrawsonVsGeach: "about" cannot be used to distinguish between singular term and predicate.
>Predication/Geach, >Predicate/Geach, >Singular Terms, >Predicates, >Intentionality, >Levels/Order.

E.g. "Raleigh smokes" can be seen as a statement about smoking - also "stands for" specifies no singular term.
Both singular term and predicative term can stand for something.
VsGeach: he is compelled to say that "smokes" stands for something, because predicative expressions stand for properties according to him.
A-expressions: are substantive
B-expressions: are predicative.

I 203
Thing/property/singular Term/predicate/is/Strawson: if "Socrates is ..." with a description by "is" in the sense of "is identical to" is connected.
Then "Socrates is ..." can be understood as B-expression (predicate).
>equal sign instead of copula.
Problem: what things should be introduced by "is a philosopher"?
I 207ff
Thing/predicate/singular term/introducing/Strawson: the reason for the distinction between A (Noun-) and B-expressions (predicate) is distinguishing between different things: between particular and universal, not between object and term or singular term and predicate.
I 210
StrawsonVsTradition: already presupposes the distinction - external reason: might the tense function be the verb - Vs: this could also be expressed with two nouns and arrow notation. Socrates (Wisdom), then arrow either above Socrates or Wisdom, depending on whether Socrates died or became stupid.
>Predication, >Ascription.

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